pronounced as heal-a-mun, from a Filipino word HILAMUN, meaning weeds.

    Function. Passion.

    Creating something from herbs and weeds. To capture an herbs' essence, healing, nourishing and sustainable properties in a jar, a bottle, a bar of soap. 

    Indeed, there is power in herbs!

    Plants are wildcrafted and handpicked from our land, owned by our family for three generations. Plants we can not grow are sourced from suppliers that are passionate with what they do. We design and label each product so you are with us every step of the way.


    To bring back culture and tradition, honor and respect to herbs and weeds, that they may never be forgotten or neglected.


    David, was dependent on steroids half of his life until he found herbs. Changed his life and hopes to impact others. Vanessa, a nurse-herbalist trying to bridge traditional and contemporary healing. These are the products our family and friends use all through the years and have found humbling results. We wish to share them with you...