Herb for Hopelessness

There are moments in life where you get stuck and do not know which direction to go. Best way is to stop, take a deep breath, take time to "smell the roses". Then, a brand new day starts and you move on, evaluate your goals and look at your options. Everybody has the same hours in one day, the clock does not stop. But, there are times when you still do not know the next step. For some people, it takes days to figure it all out. Weeks?  Hopefully not. 
Well, as they say, there is an herb for almost everything.
What is the herb?
GORSE, the herb for Hopelessness.....
Introducing, the herb called GORSE. Say what? Remember Dr. Edward Bach? He is a renowned English physician and homeopath that believes in the science of "like cures like". He is more known with the "Bach Flower" remedy. 
Gorse was used during the first half of the 20th century for those who suffer great uncertainties in the process of life, causing them to experience feelings of hopelessness and despair. It is believed to help dispel dark feelings and promote hope. It is one of the 38 flower remedies given to use the gentle balance of nature and aid to stabilize thoughts and emotions.
The wild flowers of the hardy Gorse bush is used, specifically the dew found in the flower petals. Usually made into an extract with solutions of water and brandy, Dr. Bach believes that a person taking the remedy diligently, will one day no longer need it.
Although in later years, science discredited this herb to be more of having a placebo effect than a cure, Bach flower remedies are still utilized by those who practice homeopathy and natural cures.
As a conclusion, the state or feeling of hopelessness can pass you by or may linger and become debilitating. The option of natural cures versus taking a pill may even prove to be a difficult choice when you are already in despair.  
Use your resources wisely, ask for help from a person you trust or a licensed practitioner.

Dr. A.B. Howard, Herbs for You, Build Better Health Naturally